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“Documentation has to be one of the most boring subjects you can think of” [1]. This is not a reason to do not deliver a great documentation, online PDF’s, contextual information, videos! Advertisements

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We are performing a lot of work manually during our research of prospects; a lot of work may be automated. If we don’t find a service addressing our need we will develop it 🙂 Could you help us find a solution that address this feature?

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At StratEx[i], apart from developing the StratEx application, we obviously worry about quality and testing the app. After all, we are committed to provide quality to our users.

SAP HANA digests in real time the football match Germany – Italy during the FIFA WorldCup – Brazil 2014 : The distance covered by Mario Götze; the positions strategies, the shots statistics etc.

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Registration to the event on EventBrite : This event is an ALT-F1 initiative in collaboration with the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels team who gracefully share their premises close to the European Institutions.   In short Who? Individuals, SMEs, Large Firms, Researchers and Research Support Services in charge of a H2020 project or proposal What? (1) Learn how to manage a Horizon […]

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We are starting a new project and the question related to the design of the logo starts again. Which colour, shape, do we need match the metaphor of the project with the design of the logo? Here are the links found for most of them several years ago; This post contains no conclusion but we guess […]

There’s an old joke in software development, “How much time does it take to design software?” Answer: As long as you have scheduled for the design phase.