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US Credit Report agencies should fear the FinTech?

John Oliver presents the frightened story about the US Credit Reports where 47% of the US employers conduct credit checks of their future employees even if there is no proof that there is a correlation between the credit report and the performance of a person

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How much VAT should I apply for my SaaS application? a Belgian view

We are a Belgian company based in Brussels about to release a Software as a Service (SaaS) application in a few days named StratEx; StratEx is a web solution aligning your Portfolio – Programme – Project management (PPM) practice with your Business strategy; easily and affordably.

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Amazon Payments, Braintree, Paymill, Paypal, Recurly, Saasy, Skrill, Stripe

We need to choose a payment service provider for our next SaaS application ( After a while we came up with feedbacks from partners but still, it is hard to choose one solution. The main issue is to know which payment supplier solution has the smallest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): time to implement, to […]

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Access to finance – Your Europe – Business

The European Union (EU) supports entrepreneurs and businesses with a wide range of EU programmes (2007-2013) providing loans, guarantees, venture capital and other equity financing. These financial instruments are managed by financial intermediaries such as banks, venture capital funds and other financial institutions.