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Bootstrap3 templates converted into Jade are now available on Windows Azure

We have converted all the Bootstrap3 templates into Node/Jade templates. See our previous post about this topic. We have now released an online version visible without installing all the tools on your machine. We have deployed the the NodeJS application on Windows Azure on this page We hope that this will fasten your software developments! Advertisements

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Why StratEx selected Aspose.Words for .NET to generate its reports?

We are about to release a SaaS application running on Windows Azure named StratEx, a solution for PMO who want to perform their duties in close cooperation with their teams, easily and affordably.

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September 3, 12:30pm, ALT-F1 presents Google Appengine during the 3rd Tech Talk at ICAB #betacowork #Free

ALT-F1 presents, during the third Tech Talk at ICAB [2], how do we use Google Appengine [3], cloud platform [4] made available by Google. The topics [1] are briefly described on a previous post the values and business model behind Google Appengine why do we use Google Appengine the software architecture how to profile your […]

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The MEN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS and Node.js

After having read the blog post named “The MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js” by Valeri Karpov we decided to take a look at those technologies. Some researches have leaded us to two books:  Professional Node JS and the Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja book. Based on our readings we decided to implement several chapters from the Professional […]

Scalable real time state update with Storm groupBy / persistentAggregate / IBackingMap

Originally posted on Svend:
In this post, I illustrate how to maintain in DB the current state of a real time event-driven process in a scalable and lock free manner thanks to the Storm framework. Storm is an event based data processing engine. Its model relies on basic primitives like event transformation, filtering, aggregation… that…

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Last minutes to receive $1,000 of credit for Google App Engine applications!

At midnight you won’t be able to participate to the Google AppEngine affiliated partners program anymore. If you are elected you can receive $1,000 of credit for Google App Engine. Application deadline is April 30, 2013.

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Google Cloud Platform: new features, lower prices, extending European datacenters

As heavy users of Google technologies to deliver value to our customers we are glad to hear from Google Entreprise  made available European Data Centers, Durable Reduced Availability storage and Objects versioning. Last but not least, several Google services are discounted.