About Paran Yo

Our dream

We believe that We can help individuals adopt a sustainable behavior that will drastically change the business of most industries

A bit of history

Paran Yo, what is it? Paran Yo means “Parents” in Haitian Creole, caretakers of their environment and offspring
Why now? We are parents who share items between us; we want to go a step further: sharing our assets with unknown (trusted) persons

Built for and by users

Like you, we do love sharing items with family, friends, fools, neighbour, aliens or strangers


Share and borrow items with Family, friends, fools, neighbour, aliens or strangers
Give items to Not-for-profit organisation, less favoured families or friends
Reduce shopping (not implemented yet)
Scan the barcode of the item when you are at Wal-Mart and check in real-time if someone is willing to share this item
When you surf on eBay or Amazon we will tell you in real-time if the item you are interested in might be borrowed to someone

Story telling

Are we anti-business? No, Industries will sell more premium (eco-friendly) products
Are we anti-product? No, people still need to drill holes with someone’s drill
Are we anti-consumer? No, people still buy original toys, video games, CD’s
Are we a social network? Yes, we will strengthen our network everyday and meet individuals


Runs on Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer
Runs on Mobile devices Windows Phone, Google Android, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, and Apple iPad
Available Soon Native Windows, iPhone and Android applications including awesome functionalities!

One comment

  1. I need this tool… I’ve lost too many things I lend.

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