Example of Good Subcontracting description by the European Commission

Here is how the European Commission (EC) describes a fair description of tasks subcontracted during a project funded by the EC.

Source : Experts Briefing Part 3 – Subcontracting


The subcontractors will provide for the right of “the applicant” to commercially exploit the results generated during the subcontract implementation.

Tasks subcontracted:

  • Task 4.2 Quality Plans
  • Task 4.4 1st stage of prototype construction on dry dock; load out
  • Task 4.5 2nd stage of prototype construction from harbour pier
  • Task 4.6 Coordination for supply and implementation of tower and nacelle


380.000 €

Description of the tasks:

RED S.P.A. will be responsible for….. The works will last 3 months.

Procedure to select RED S.P.A.:

  • Identification of 3 or more companies specialised in… and located in our geographical area;
  • Request for price offer of costs, the time requested for the work and the years of experience;
  • Selection of the best offer in terms of costs, time requested and years of experience.

Justification for the choice of RED S.P.A.:

RED S.P.A. fulfils the criteria indicated in the selection procedure. Beside this, the company has already collaborated in the construction of ……and is heavily familiarized with the construction of the…… RED S.P.A. has also experience in the …….one of the most critical aspects in the construction of concrete wind towers

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