Introducing StratEx for Microsoft Office Online, A New Way to Manage projects in the Cloud or On-Premise

Microsoft Office files are among the most uploaded and edited files in StratEx and in the project management world.

We wanted to make it simpler for our customers to use Microsoft Office and StratEx services together.

That’s the reason we’re introducing the StratEx integration for Microsoft Office Online, making it easier than ever for our customers to create and manage their Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets securely from anywhere and on any device, right from StratEx.

Use StratEx and MS Office Online to answer collaboratively to proposals, write business and technical requirements in teams, report on your achievements …. the use cases are endless!


StratEx is a PMO solution that enables your teams to control, collaborate and deliver projects using your own processes and enforcing your conventions

  • StratEx is fully web-enabled and runs on any browser, tablet or mobile device
  • StratEx runs in the public cloud, in your private cloud or even on premise in your own data-center
  • StratEx embodies proven methods, based on experience from dozens of successful small and large scale projects performed by and for public or private companies

Register and start managing your projects like never before:

Do you need us to support your PMO? support[at]

Microsoft Office Online Videos

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint


Office online features:



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