Horizon 2020 Call 1, Information Day on Future Internet

H2020 Call 1 Information Day on Future Internet

H2020 Call 1 Information Day on Future Internet

The European Commission is funding research projects for the next 7 years in many different topics: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/h2020-sections

Today, January 31, an infoday was organised during which we participated for several reasons:

  1. Advertise StratEx, a SaaS application that will be available in February. Participants to H2020 projects can manage their cross-borders, cross-companies projects from the Call for Proposal until the Final Acceptance.
  2. Better understand the topics the EU believes have any research value for our future (see an non exhaustive list here above)
  3. Meet people sharing their projects ideas

Our feeling

Many projects that have been presented deal with the orchestration and the composition of cloud infrastructures. Far away from our interest.
Few projects (none in fact ?!?) were addressing the ICT 9 Call; does it mean that software developers know how organise their software engineering? We lack IT skills to efficiently use the Cloud performances but no one seems to be interested in the topic 😦

Hopefully the slides will be made available soon and it will be the time to dig into the proposals and…. bring ours …

Opened calls

List of calls advertised during the infoday; hyper links lead to topics ALT-F1 is interested in:

  • EUJ 3 – Access networks for densely located users
  • EUJ 4 – Experimentation and development on federated Japan – EU testbeds
  • ICT 5 – Smart Networks and novel Internet Architectures
  • ICT 6 – Smart optical and wireless network technologies
  • ICT 7 – Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
  • ICT 9 – Tools and Methods for Software Development
  • ICT 11 – FIRE+ (Future Internet Research & Experimentation)
  • ICT 13 – Web Entrepreneurship
  • ICT 14 – Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet
  • EUJ 1 (EU-Japan)  – Technologies combining big data, internet of things in the cloud
  • EUJ 2 – Optical communications

Some links

H2020 Call 1 Information Day on Future Internet: http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/h2020-future-internet-call-1-all-you-need-know-one-info-day-0

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