Amazon Payments, Braintree, Paymill, Paypal, Recurly, Saasy, Skrill, Stripe

We need to choose a payment service provider for our next SaaS application (

After a while we came up with feedbacks from partners but still, it is hard to choose one solution. The main issue is to know which payment supplier solution has the smallest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): time to implement, to support and get rid of the supplier.

Prices seems quite similar: a variable cost including some fixed costs.

BUT, as usual, life isn’t easy: some providers disclose a very small price but do not include the interchange costs collected by the banks (this payment doesn’t go to the bank but their suppliers).

You may be interested to check the exhaustive list of payments providers on

Here below you will find the suppliers we are considering.

Which payment method do you use in Europe?

Services provider

Amazon Payments:




Paypal, fees and rates:





Interchange costs

MasterCard, understanding the interchange (1,25% to 1,90%):

MasterCard Intra-EEA (28 EU Member States) Fallback POS Interchange Fees:

MasterCard, Interchange: Myths and Facts:

VISA, Fees and interchange (from 0,50% to 1,50%):


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