Belgian companies will deduct up to 80% of the social security taxes for their researchers #Belgium #TaxShelter #BeGov #StillAProject @eliodirupo

Great news for Belgian companies who will  deduct up to 80% of their social security taxes for each researcher working in their premises.

Great Seal of the Kingdom, used by Belgian Gov...

Great Seal of the Kingdom, used by Belgian Government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elio Di Rupo gave a speech the 19 December 2012 we could summarise in 5 sentences but the American Chamber of Commerce gives deeper insight [2] about the project :

“…That is why our economic recovery strategy also focuses on innovation and R&D.

  • …the Minister of Finance is currently finalising a legislative proposal which would increase the exemption of company social security taxes for researchers from 75% to 80%. In practice, a company hiring a researcher with a monthly salary of around 3,000 EUR, could save 20,000 EUR per year!
  • In addition, the conditions for deducting patent incomes for Small and Medium Enterprises are improved. By eliminating the requirement to have a separate research department, SME’s can deduct up to 80% of their patent income.
  • The government is also encouraging the financial sector to continue to provide funding to our companies. Those who want to be an entrepreneur should be enabled to do so.
  • We have also re-launched the structural consultation with highly innovative industries, such as the pharmaceutical and the chemical industry. And the Federal Government is open to do the same with other sectors.
  • The Government is also finalizing the establishment of “a platform of technological watch.” This platform will allow a better match of the federal tools, for instance, tax measures, patents, R&D statistics, pricing policy…. with the innovation policies of the Regions.” [1]


[1] Innovation as key driver for the economy:

[2] Di Rupo steps up support for innovation:

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