Google Cloud Platform: new features, lower prices, extending European datacenters

As heavy users of Google technologies to deliver value to our customers we are glad to hear from Google Entreprise  made available European Data Centers, Durable Reduced Availability storage and Objects versioning. Last but not least, several Google services are discounted.

A post [0] from Google teaches us that:

Google Data Centers

Google Data Centers – (c) Google

  1. Europeans can deploy their applications, data and virtual machines to European Datacenters. But this come with a cost: 10% increase if you use a European Data Center [3]
  2. Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage* provides buckets** having lower costs and lower availability, but the same durability as standard Google Cloud Storage buckets.
  3. Google Cloud storage’ price [1] is reduced by ~20%
  4. Object Versioning enables you to keep a history of updates to an object and may be used to help protect against  accidental object overwrites or deletes. This could have saved PlayNicely from losing 54 days of their customers’ work [4] and maybe do not shutdown their great project.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t reduce the minimal size of their Persistent disk forcing you to buy a minimum of 1 Gb [1].

* is DRA a competitor of Amazon Glacier[2], “an extremely low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup”? we don’t know yet

** Bucket: a container storing every file you upload on a RESTful online storage web service like Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3


[0] Google Cloud Platform: new features, lower prices, extending European

[1] Google Cloud Storage pricing:

[2] Amazon Glacier:

[3] Google Compute Engine pricing US vs. EU

[4] Blog Recent downtime and data loss:

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