Cloud computing: Which e-business strategy should a CxO apply if s/he wants to embrace Google App Engine?

Logo - Powered by Google App Engine - Source:

Logo – Powered by Google App Engine – Source:

Google has released a robust Platform-as-a-Service called Google App Engine. It allows start-ups, firms or individuals to experience the scalable infrastructure Google uses to run its applications (e.g. Gmail, Google Docs, Google search engine).

The platform is named Google App Engine; it gives access to many libraries, services and tools that facilitate the development of scalable and reliable applications on the Cloud. The developer can choose amongst three programming languages: Python, Java and Go.

In our free report you will find:

  • How do we describe Google App Engine in details including its advantages and constraints if a prospect would like to deploy applications on the platform.
  • A Porters’ five forces analysis of the PaaS providers, the market position and rivalry between competing providers combined with an outlook on an evolving market.
  • A description of the business model of Google App Engine. We provide two methods to budget the total cost of usage of the platform. The first method is based on a manual method using billing information and the second method is a semi automatic approach based on information given by Google App Engine while you run your application on the cloud.

We conclude by summarising our findings and provide an indication on the ability of the decision maker to obtain the cost of usage of their infrastructure if they decide to move to Google App Engine.

Link to the free report:

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