Paran Yo, let’s start! Here is our elevator pitch

Hooks, customer pain

How many things are lying in our home unused for several years and you don’t know what to do with them?

How many times we end up buying a new item even after knowing that it would be used only once?

You work in the city center, you don’t know the people working 10 metres from you. why not sharing and strengthening your network by sharing items with them whether they work in the same company or not.
You are at Walmart ready to buy a baby buggy, while searching for the buggy you scan the barcode of the items; suddenly you find out that your friend is willing to share it.


We provide a mobile and a web platform to individuals or a group of people who are willing to share or give items to others.

We believe that we can help individuals and companies to run a good more sustainable business, having an impact on the world by transforming multiple industries.

Our customers

B2B2E market: Companies willing to foster the sustainable behaviors of their employees

B2B2C market: schools, libraries and public administrations willing to decrease their costs and increase their visibility towards potential customers

B2C market: individuals who want to ring the doorbell of their neighbor

Where is the money?

  • Cross selling electronic goods
  • Coupons thanks to the Gamification engaging the users
  • Sell marketing data to marketers (P&G)
  • Cross selling mobile subscriptions to increase the awareness of the project
  • Targeted advertising on the platform)
  • eCommerce platform through affiliations (e.g., local retailers, Amazon, 3suisses)

 Who we are?

A mixed team of Parents, People believing that we need to change our day-to-day behaviors. We have different skills: Artists,  Financial, Marketing, MBA, Computer scientist, civil engineers, etc.

The service is Built for and by users; Like you, we do love sharing items with family, friends, fools, neighbour, aliens or strangers

What is our (unfair) competitive advantage?

  • We do need the product
  • Industries will sell more premium products (eco-friendly)
  • Industries should sell less low-cost / easy to break /unnecessary items
  • Piracy will drastically reduce inducing an increase of sales of online services (a teenager who borrow a video game, might use his money to pay recurring subscription fee to play video games online)
  • As Rachel Botsman has said during a TED talk: “For us, collaborative consumption “is by no means anti-business, anti-product, or anti-consumer”. People will still ‘shop’ and companies will still ‘sell’
  • Individuals will save money along the year

What about the competition?

More than 30 competitors worlwide dedicated to niche markets but none except one use mobile device to reach their customers.

Applications are unilingual most of the time and they don’t expand geographically.

What are we looking for?

Self funded since the beginning, we look urgently for BA and VC.
We look for 5 million Euros to market the product (75%) and develop the platform (25%) for the next 3 years.

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