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Microsoft Office files are among the most uploaded and edited files in StratEx and in the project management world. We wanted to make it simpler for our customers to use Microsoft Office and StratEx services together.

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John Oliver presents the frightened story about the US Credit Reports where 47% of the US employers conduct credit checks of their future employees even if there is no proof that there is a correlation between the credit report and the performance of a person

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It is official, Belgian based companies can now communicate via the .Vlaanderen (Flanders) and .Brussels domain suffixes! Who’s first?

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StratEx experience has been published in the December issue of “Testing Experience” the magazine for professional testers. “In part 1 of this article (Testing Experience Issue No. 27), we outlined a number of criticisms and roadblocks that we have encountered while looking for the best way to test our application [using Test Driven Developments techniques]…” “…in this second article (see the […]

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Manage a Horizon 2020 project from the proposal to the delivery with StratEx This event is an ALT-F1 initiative in collaboration with the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels team who gracefully share their premises close to the European Institutions.   The short story Who? Individuals, SMEs, Large Firms, Researchers and Research Support Services in charge of a H2020 project or proposal […]

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“Documentation has to be one of the most boring subjects you can think of” [1]. This is not a reason to do not deliver a great documentation, online PDF’s, contextual information, videos!

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We are performing a lot of work manually during our research of prospects; a lot of work may be automated. If we don’t find a service addressing our need we will develop it 🙂 Could you help us find a solution that address this feature?